Decorating hotels

Decorating hotels

Decorating a hotel with care: the ultimate calling card.


When decorating a hotel, a hotelier can count on one very critical element – a crucial piece of information that not many professionals possess about their client and how they relate to the brand. This precious insight soon emerges: at least once in our life, each of us has been a guest in a hotel or accommodation facility. That’s why it’s easy to understand that feelings about a stay are based on first impressions, with carefully crafted design and the quality of the furnishings playing a key role. The decor of a hotel room is actually the main calling card for marketing yourself to your guests because it says a lot more about you than any advertising material about how much hotel management cares about the satisfying the needs of the customers it welcomes every day.

Taking care of these aspects, regardless of personal preference for any particular furnishing style, will ensure that you win over customers by immediately putting them at their ease because of the care you have put into making sure the room provides relaxation, safety and comfort. All these details must be immediately apparent to a guest as soon as they cross the threshold. And they can be communicated in only one way – through quality furnishings made with meticulous attention to detail from luxury materials and fitted with all the latest technology.


Furnishing a hotel with a unique approach for a luxury experience


The Sangiorgi approach – close attention to detail from every angle. For example, in the careful consideration of colour combinations and the individual impressions that different hues and shades can create; but also in the full advantage taken of every functional component, not one of which is ever sacrificed for the sake of mere aesthetic caprice.
To achieve this, the architects and interior designers who make up the Sangiorgi team are constantly on the lookout for the perfect compromise between classic design concepts and innovative components that reflect evolving trends and demands dictated by contemporary lifestyle. To achieve this ambitious – but achievable – result it’s essential to combine aesthetics and functionality synergistically so that one never dominates the other and vice versa.

Contract furniture that pays no attention to the functional dimension, however pleasant from an aesthetic point of view, can never be regarded as being of high quality. Designing furniture for a hotel means putting the customer’s needs at the centre, just as the hotel manager would do by applying all his or her skill and expertise to create objects and accessories that make for a pleasant stay. Sangiorgi furnishings fully reflect our awareness and sensitivity on this point. That’s why our contract collection, dedicated as it is to hotel and accommodation facility furnishings, is designed to maximise every item of furniture’s functionality. From cabinets to lights, from beds to bedside tables – every detail is designed to positively astound the guest. At the same time, personalizing the decor of a hotel from an aesthetic point of view is extremely simple because of the huge great variety of possible combinations and styles, which include series which take their inspiration from classic, urban, Mediterranean, industrial and many other styles.


Why Sangiorgi to furnish your hotel?


Furnishing a hotel’s private spaces and common areas is very much a quest for the perfect balance between aesthetic elements and functional concepts to be combined into a masterful blend only attainable by studying, understanding, tirelessly researching, and reinterpreting stylistic trends. In deciding how to furnish a hotel, a hotelier is faced with a wide range of decisions but this task can be made much easier by relying on professionals who enjoy credibility in this sector. Since 1937, Mobilificio Sangiorgi has excelled in the creation of bespoke furniture solutions that meet the needs of hospitality facilities. Because of their consolidated sector experience and an approach that puts the hotelier’s and their customers’ needs centre stage, countless hotels and residences have put their trust in the Sangiorgi team to deliver their ad hoc projects. If you are thinking of renovating your accommodation interiors or planning the layout of a new hotel, Sangiorgi collections can offer ideas to help you define the style you have in mind.

What’s more, Sangiorgi’s expert, painstaking, and professional approach in meeting each customer’s specific requirements offers the possibility of completely customizing the end result. That means you can faithfully turn your vision into reality and communicate the unique personality you want to give your hotel. Which is why any stylistic choice you make will be immediately recognized and associated with your brand.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested: we’re happy to design bespoke solutions hand-in-hand with you to make your hotel unique.